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Both Martha and Mary

This, my sisters, is what I would have us strive for—to offer our petitions and to practice prayer, not for our own enjoyment but to

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The Reality of Sins Against The Sixth Commandment

The holy Fathers have taught us many means whereby to subdue the passions and to restrain sinful pleasure. The pastor, therefore, should make it his study to explain these accurately to the faithful, and should use the utmost diligence in their exposition.

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Consider all the past as nothing, and say, like David: Now I begin to love my God.” —St. Francis de Sales It was in this manner that the Apostle St. Paul acted; though, after his conversion, he had become a vessel of election, filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ, yet, to persevere and advance in the heavenly way.

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Implore the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Oh, how great, how inexhaustible are the hidden treasures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! In this most loving Heart, the Saints of every age reposed in peace. In the Sacred Heart they found consolation, nay, joy, in trials and sufferings; courage to fight the battles of the Church; and new motives every day to live,

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War Within the Soul

Let us endeavor to do our best: beware of the poisonous reptiles— that is to say, the bad thoughts and aridities which are often permitted by God to assail and torment us so that we cannot repel them. Indeed, perchance we feel their sting! He allows this to teach us to be more on our guard in the future

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Devotion to the Sacred Heart: The Source of the Eucharist

The voice of Jesus—I was dead, My Child, and behold I am living forevermore. I had come forth from the Father, and had come into the world: at last I was leaving the world to return to the Father. However, the love of My Heart did not allow nor suffer that I should leave them orphans,

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Four Ends of Prayer

Spiritual writers often distinguish between four ends of prayer, that is, four reasons why one may go to prayer. They are usually articulated as: Adoration, Thanksgiving, Contrition (or Expiation), and Petition.By Adoration, the one at prayer acknowledges that God is, in-and-of Himself,

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Purification and General Confession

The first purification to be made is that of sin, and the means—the holy Sacrament of Penance. Seek the best confessor that you can, take some one of the books prepared for the aid of conscience, read it carefully, and observe minutely wherein you have sinned from the earliest period up to the present time,

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Pride and Humility According to Fulton Sheen

he chief cause of inner unhappiness is egotism or selfishness. He who gives himself importance by boasting is actually showing the credentials of his own worthlessness. Pride is an attempt to create an impression that we are what we actually are not.

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The Four Types of Pride

Sacred Scripture speaks of pride as one of the two primary roots of sin. Various Catholic theologians and writers have seen it as one of the greatest sins, for it gives birth to many other evil impulses. St. Thomas Aquinas and Pope St. Gregory the Great called pride “the queen of all vices.”

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The Necessity of Imitation of the Sacred Heart

The voice of Jesus—My Child, one thing above all others is necessary, to save thy soul. For if she is lost, all is lost; but if she is saved, all else is saved. Yet, thou shalt not attain thy eternal salvation, if thou do not imitate My Heart. For those whom God did foreknow,

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