Pursuit of Perfection

The Presentation of the Lord through the Eyes of the Mystics

Dr. Paul Thigpen / February 2, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

What is the Most Ancient of Christian Devotions?

Fr. Peter J. Arnoudt, SJ / February 1, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Making the Devil Afraid of You

Saint John Bosco / January 31, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Three Assaults on Your Interior Peace

Thomas à Kempis / January 30, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Is the Interior Life Selfish?

Fr. Jean-Baptiste Chautard / January 27, 2023

The Virtues and the Gifts: Supernatural Actions

In a previous article, it was stated that Sanctifying Grace provides the necessary equality between the sanctified man and God for the existence of friendship between them. Not an absolute equality, of course, as there can never be a total equality between the Uncreated and the creature, but enough for the establishment of friendship. And while…


Ignorance and Neglect of the Interior Life

St. Gregory the Great, who was as skillful an administrator and as zealous an apostle as he was great in contemplation, sums up in two words, Secum vivebat (He lived with himself), the state of soul of St. Benedict, when, at Subiaco, he was saying the foundation for that Rule which was to become one…


Christian Perfection and External Works

CHRISTIAN soul! If you seek to reach the loftiest peak of perfection, and to unite yourself so intimately with God that you become one in spirit with Him, you must first know the true nature and perfection of spirituality in order to succeed in the most sublime undertaking that can be expressed or imagined. Some,…


Devotion For Every Vocation

In the creation God commanded the plants of the earth to bring forth fruit, each after its kind; and in a similar way He commands Christians, who are the living plants of His Church, to bring forth the fruits of devotion, each according to his calling and vocation. There is a different practice of devotion…


Consideration of One’s Own Death

My friend, it is most useful for you to call to mind frequently and assiduously the reality of your own death. This, indeed, is the one universal reality of our human condition—for in this life, some are rich while others are poor, some are masters while others are servants, some learned while others are simple,…


The Blessed Eucharist and the Real Presence

Our true country is Heaven, and as long as we are living on earth, we are captives and exiles. We are far from Jesus Christ, our King; far from Mary, our good Mother; far from the Angels and Saints of Heaven; and far from our dear departed friends. But very many Christians are also, in…


Returning Another Way

The word “Epiphany” comes from the Greek “ἐπιφάνεια,” [epipháneia] which means “manifestation,” and the Feast of the Epiphany, kept on January 6th, the 13th Day of Christmas, commemorates three manifestations of Christ: the visitation of the Magi from the East, Our Lord’s Baptism, and Our Lord’s first miracle of turning water into wine at the…


The Priest: A Eucharistic Victim  

Today priests seem to only make the headlines for being cancelled or for causing scandal. But what about the heroic priests who pass unnoticed? Priests who willingly choose to be alone, so that they can be there for others. Priests who become victims like our Saving Victim in the Holy Eucharist. Priests who become martyrs…