Pursuit of Perfection

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

Fr. John Henry Hanson / May 24, 2022
Enemies of Salvation

The Peace that Comes from Christ

Fr. Kevin Drew / May 23, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

St. Rita of Cascia: One of the Incorruptibles

Paul Kengor / May 23, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Proper Dispositions of the Reception of Holy Communion

Fr. William Rock, FSSP / May 21, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Penance and Mortification

Conor Gallagher / May 20, 2022

The Catholic Response to Moral and Religious Deterioration

“All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.” —Flannery O’Connor The Christian is called to heroism wherever and whenever he lives, at least what we would call heroism today. Its real name is simply Christian duty.  This duty calls for an active response to grace, a transformation of…


Before Time (Part I)

Your humility had no beginning, O Lord, for You had no beginning.  You were eternally begotten from Your Father.  Your very essence is that of Son to the Father.  Your humility, therefore, is wrapped up in Your very being, for You have always subjected Yourself as Son to the Father in humble obedience, in loving…

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The Last of the Martyrs of the Coliseum

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians.” —Tertullian There is an old story told in Rome of a fifth-century monk named Telemachus, whose name has been written in the annals of Roman history. On a memorable day in the year 404, it is recorded he entered the Coliseum in Rome, the largest ancient…


A Utilitarian or Saintly Marriage?

Years ago, my mother caught my father off guard with a most profound question.  She asked what he would miss about her after she died.  That night, my father stayed up for hours writing a litany of things as tears poured down his cheeks. Sadly, many of us take our loved ones for granted.  Many…


On Discerning the Treasury of Sacred Music

“Cantare amantis est (singing belongs to one who loves).” —St. Augustine It is a matter of fact that in the vast majority of Catholic parishes the liturgical music is abysmal. This is a decades-old dilemma that is still menacing the Church across the globe, the aftermath of the 1960s modernist purge that announced itself as…


The Clash of Angels (Part II)

As tradition holds, O Lord, the radical idea of Your incarnation became known to the angels. Your greatest of angels of the highest choir, Lucifer the seraphim, could not bear the thought. He, the greatest of all creation, would be called to bow down to flesh and bone, artery and vein, synapse and sinew. He…


Look Upon Your Child as An Immortal Creature

Look at your little child. See the little smile, the little nose; see the little arms and legs; hear the sweet little voice that calls your name in joy and sorrow. If you could, you would imitate God and number the hairs upon your little one’s head (Mt 10:30), treasuring each one, “for where your…


From Mother’s Heart to Your Home…

Beloved, this is my first column to you within the wonderful and God-blessed family of TAN. I am honored to be invited to write this monthly column and am especially grateful that we can, in this way, support one another as the enemy continues his battle for the destruction of the family. I say that…