Enemies of Salvation

The Torments of Hell

Thomas à Kempis / January 26, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Four Means of Distrusting Oneself

Don Lorenzo Scupoli / January 25, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Maxims for Perseverance in Piety

St. Francis de Sales / January 24, 2023
Enemies of Salvation

Defending the Real Presence: Two True Stories

Fr. Michael Müller / January 23, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian

St. Ambrose of Milan / January 20, 2023

Inspiration from the Ukrainian Martyrs

The current battle playing out in the public eye between a Russian authoritarian leader and the people of the Ukraine is unfortunately nothing new. This is a rivalry that goes way back. And the worst times was the period when Ukraine was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union and its atheistic and (indeed) genuinely evil…


The Simple Spirituality of the Little Apostle Jacinta of Fatima

“Jacinta did not rest until she brought her own family to a daily recitation of the rosary in common.” -Cardinal Humberto Medeiros The fruits of Jacinta’s generous cooperation with the grace of God are being manifested to us only now.  In this chapter we shall attempt to summarize her apostolate following the transformation which took…


Spiritual Retreats Need Piety and Modesty

A charitable young man, a former parishioner of mine, heard that I was stuck in quarantine. He texted me, indicating that he had just finished a weekend retreat, was in the neighborhood, and could drop off some victuals for his reclusive ex-pastor. Not only was I moved by his kindness, I wanted to know more…


Spiritual Contagions: the Dangers of Modernism

What if you were to learn that your little one had cancer—a parent’s worst nightmare—and it was due to long term exposure to a local power plant’s radiation? How enraged you would be at the authorities for allowing this travesty! How frustrated you may feel with yourself for living so close to a potential risk.…


Deferring Conversion Until Death

“We must bear in mind an undeniable principle, concerning which St. Augustine and all the holy Doctors are agreed – namely, that as true repentance is the work of God, so He can inspire it when and where he wills.” -Ven. Louis of Granada The excerpt below is taken from the 16th-century TAN classic known…


“I Wish to Become a Saint”

“The chance to become a Saint is offered me only once.  If I do not profit by it, it is gone forever. “ -St. Gerard Majella Below is an excerpt taken from a classic TAN biography entitled St. Gerard Majella by Fr. Edward Saint-Omer, CSSR. This easy-to-read book was based on an Italian work from 1893,…


Homeschool Foundation for the Spiritual Life and Liberal Arts

“You have more than the right; you have the obligation to see to it that your children get the kind of education you want.” -Dr. John Senior Our little Andrew came home from his first semester at Thomas Aquinas College for a Christmas visit. I guess he’s not little. He’s been looking down at me…


The Value of Spiritual Reading

“I will consider the wondrous things of Thy law.” -Psalm 118:18 Spiritual reading is a great help to prayer, and it is on this account that St. Paul, writing to Timothy, recommended to him “to attend to reading” (1 Tim. 4:13).  St. Athanasius esteems it so necessary for one who would walk in the path…