Pursuit of Perfection

The Presentation of the Lord through the Eyes of the Mystics

Dr. Paul Thigpen / February 2, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

What is the Most Ancient of Christian Devotions?

Fr. Peter J. Arnoudt, SJ / February 1, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Making the Devil Afraid of You

Saint John Bosco / January 31, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Three Assaults on Your Interior Peace

Thomas à Kempis / January 30, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Is the Interior Life Selfish?

Fr. Jean-Baptiste Chautard / January 27, 2023

Spiritual Heroes and the Threat of Sadness

“Don’t allow sadness to dwell in your soul, for sadness prevents the Holy Spirit from acting freely.” —Padre Pio In the present days of corruption in church and government, implosion of family life, progressive demoralization of schools and academic institutions, we honor spiritual heroes who live amidst us as mentors and exemplars. These are the…


Mary as the Special Patroness of the United States

“Nothing is more distinctly Catholic than devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is largely because of this devotion that Catholics remain deeply convinced of the divinity of Christ, and vividly conscious of His humanity.” —Msgr. J. D. Conway Students of Church history know well the devotion expressed to Our Lady from the beginning…


The Weighty Subject of God’s Judgment

Bring the powers of your imagination to bear: your adorable, sweet baby matures into a young man who unpredictably commits a wicked crime despite all your efforts to raise him as an honorable citizen. You once clothed him in cute overalls, dressed him in a fine suit for his first Communion, helped him buy his…


Making Dystopia: The Rise of Ugly Modern Church Architecture

“What we have is given by God and to teach it to others is to return it to Him.” —Gian Lorenzo Bernini In the Catholic tradition, church architecture reflects the classical footprint. This is because classic architecture is unparalleled in its dignity, beauty, harmony, and intelligibility to the common man. It speaks of greatness, order,…


Matrimony as a Sacred Contract and Sacrament

“Love must be real, it must cost, it must hurt, it must empty us of self.” —Mother Theresa of Calcutta From the very beginning of the human race, Matrimony has been a natural contract between husband and wife.  For Catholics, it is also something more. A valid marriage is one of the seven sacraments, and…


A Call for Courageous Priests

Saint John the Baptist was a precursor for the many holy priests who are being persecuted for preaching the unadulterated Gospel. As the son of a priest, St. John the Baptist’s preaching led to his beheading. Yes, preaching the fullness of the truth comes at a great price, sometimes costing one’s priestly ministry or even…


The Fair Beginning of a Time: Brave Knights

“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.” —C. S. Lewis Let us go back to the days of chivalry, of brave knights and their lady loves, of bold adventure…


Preparing Your Child for Death

There is perhaps no more counterintuitive notion for a parent than this: you must prepare your child for death.[1] From the moment you learned of the child in the womb, you have directed all your God-given instincts, your energy, and passion into keeping that child alive. You would move mountains to keep your son healthy;…