Pursuit of Perfection

The Presentation of the Lord through the Eyes of the Mystics

Dr. Paul Thigpen / February 2, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

What is the Most Ancient of Christian Devotions?

Fr. Peter J. Arnoudt, SJ / February 1, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Making the Devil Afraid of You

Saint John Bosco / January 31, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Three Assaults on Your Interior Peace

Thomas à Kempis / January 30, 2023
Pursuit of Perfection

Is the Interior Life Selfish?

Fr. Jean-Baptiste Chautard / January 27, 2023

Our Lord’s Hidden Wound

While working for the Little Sisters of the Poor at one of their nursing homes, I encountered many devout Catholics, whose joy, perseverance, and piety inspired me. Their strong Catholic Faith had guided them through the trials of raising many children, two World Wars, the sexual revolution, Vatican II, the sex abuse scandal, and ultimately…


God Wills You to Be Happy

He and he alone, whose will is perfectly united to God’s possesses “the peace of God which surpasses all understanding” (Phil. 4:7). Happiness and conformity to the will of God work in tandem and have always been a common theme for Catholic theologians and spiritual writers on the subject of joy. Saint Thomas Aquinas, following…


The Annunciation (Part III)

You did it, O Lord. You actually did it! Your idea of the Incarnation was incarnated. Your Father’s Word was spoken. It was a Word brighter than His word, “Let there be light,” for the abounding darkness of our sinful world was darker than the abyss of nothingness. In the beginning of our universe, You…


St. Michael’s Help is Urgent for Today

You may have heard a recent report of an archdiocese in the United States forbidding the St. Michael’s prayer to be said after Mass. On the other hand, there are several other dioceses around the world that have encouraged priests to lead this prayer after Mass. Until 1965, this prayer was mandated at the end…



I love the old Twilight Zone episodes. One of my favorites is called “The Howling Man.” A bedraggled, desperate, ill tourist somewhere in the remote mountains of Europe happens upon a monastery late at night in the middle of nowhere. The monks and the abbot, Brother Jerome, are reluctant to let him in, but their…


TAN Academy as the Living Order of Creation

“The meaning of human life is to serve God in this life and to enjoy Him forever in the next.” —Dr. Alice von Hildebrand In an age of secularism, relativism, and nihilism, it is more important than ever for Catholic youth to be preserved in their innocence and prepared for adulthood while being brought up…


Parents as Primary Teachers

“In the work of education, the family forms man in the fullness of his personal dignity according to all his dimensions, including the social dimension. The family, in fact, constitutes ‘a community of love and solidarity, which is uniquely suited to teach and transmit cultural, ethical, social, spiritual and religious values, essential for the development…


From Mother’s Heart to Your Home…

Beloved, this is my first column to you within the wonderful and God-blessed family of TAN. I am honored to be invited to write this monthly column and am especially grateful that we can, in this way, support one another as the enemy continues his battle for the destruction of the family. I say that…