Pursuit of Perfection

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

Fr. John Henry Hanson / May 24, 2022
Enemies of Salvation

The Peace that Comes from Christ

Fr. Kevin Drew / May 23, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

St. Rita of Cascia: One of the Incorruptibles

Paul Kengor / May 23, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Proper Dispositions of the Reception of Holy Communion

Fr. William Rock, FSSP / May 21, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Penance and Mortification

Conor Gallagher / May 20, 2022

True Peace Found in God Alone

“Peace, because we have hoped in Thee.” -Isaias 26:3 He that seeks peace in creatures will never find it, because no creatures are fitted for giving satisfaction to the heart. God has created man for Himself, who is the Infinite Good; wherefore, God alone can content him. Hence it comes that many persons, though loaded…


Making Good Use of God’s Graces

The true reason for which God bestows so many graces upon the humble is this, that the humble are faithful to these graces and make good use of them. They receive them from God and use them in a manner pleasing to God, giving all the glory to Him, without reserving any for themselves. This…


Pregnancy and Fulfilling the Homeschool Mission

Homeschooling while bringing eight infants into this world, suffering through a few miscarriages and recovering from the death of two babies, I think I finally am getting in the swing of things… at least maybe… a little. Inspiring words of comfort from Pope John Paul II highlight the unique experience of motherhood, with its joys…


Metanoia and the Spiritual Experience of Pilgrimage: Part II

The Role of Beauty Beauty and the sacred are connected in human emotions and both have their origin in the experience of God.  This is news for many people.  So many await this revelation and do not know that they are missing out because no one has announced to them these blessed realities, things they…


May 13th and the Consecration of Russia

THE STORY OF FATIMA On a cool spring day in 1916, Lucy dos Santos, age 9, and her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, ages 8 and 6 respectively, took their parents’ sheep to pasture in a place not far from their homes in the mountain village of Fatima, Portugal, about 90 miles north of Lisbon.…


The Children of Fatima and Devotion to the Papacy

The Portuguese have always shown special loyalty to the Holy Father. It was the Pope who emancipated them from vassalage to Castile – and it was to him that the new, little country of Portugal was entrusted at its birth. Though in the course of the centuries this traditional devotion was occasionally weakened, the fault…

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On the Providence of God by Alice von Hildebrand

In the wee hours of Tuesday, June 11, 1940, I was awakened by the ringing of the ship’s bells. I tiptoed to open the door of our cabin and to my amazement saw people in pajamas and nightgowns with life-preservers around their waists, rushing toward the deck. I immediately woke my sister, Louloute (pronounced “Loo-lute”).…


The Author of the Salve Regina: the Stories of Two Great Lovers of Mary

The Salve Regina, after the Hail Mary, is undoubtedly the best-known and best-loved Marian prayer within the Catholic tradition. It is recited at the conclusion of each mystery of the Rosary; and, for those in monastic and consecrated life, it is traditionally sung as a final antiphon at night after compline, throughout most seasons of…