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The Power of Simple Devotion to Mary | The Commentaries: The Glories of Mary

How They Love Mary | Different Devotions to Our Lady | The Commentaries: The Glories of Mary

Day 6: Noah and His Posterity

21. The Glories of Mary: What Marian Devotion Is and How to Practice It


The Spiritual Masters

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The Book of the Year: Meditations on Death

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Meditations on Creation

From Saint Francis de Sales’s Introduction to the Devout Life, these meditations illuminate the glory of God’s creation and His purpose for us.  First Meditation

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Uncover the transformative teachings of Saint Francis de Sales in "Philothea" as he illuminates the path to resisting temptations and nurturing a devout heart. Gain valuable insights on overcoming worldly allurements.

Guarding The Heart Against Temptation

While we remain on earth, we will inevitably encounter temptations. In Philothea or An Introduction to the Devout Life, Saint Francis de Sales has left us with wisdom on how temptation can become sinful, how to remedy them, and how to guard our hearts against temptation.

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