TAN Direction The Spiritual Masters: Thomas à Kempis

TAN Publisher Conor Gallagher and Fr. Robert Nixon investigate the life and works of  Thomas à Kempis, the humble author of the second-bestselling book of all time, The Imitation of Christ. Discover how we know his name today, despite his wish to remain anonymous, and why this amazing man is not known as Saint Thomas à Kempis.

Meet Your Hosts ​

Conor Gallagher is the CEO of TAN Books. He is the Executive Director of the Benedict Leadership Institute at Belmont Abbey College, and also on the Board of Trustees for Belmont Abbey College. He is a Board Member at Saint Joseph College Seminary for the Diocese of Charlotte.
He is the author of “If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents”, “Still Amidst the Storm: A Family Man’s Search for Peace in an Anxious World”, “Parenting for Eternity”, and he has a series of shorter books coming out, including “You Are Never Too Busy” and “You Have Only One Problem”. He and his wife Ashley are the parents of fifteen children.

Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB, is a monk of the Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity, New Norcia, Western Australia.  There he serves as Director of the Institute for Benedictine Studies.  He is a retreat master and liturgist. His interests include Medieval Latin literature, especially the lives of the saints.

Podcast Episodes:​

Thomas à Kempis Part 1: Historical Background

Join Conor Gallagher and Fr. Robert Nixon for a fascinating discussion on the life of Thomas à Kempis, the 15th-century German-Dutch canon regular and author of The Imitation of Christ. Explore his journey from Germany to the Netherlands, the influence of the Brethren of the Common Life, his prolific years

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Thomas à Kempis Part 2: The Imitation of Christ

Fr. Robert Nixon joins Conor Gallagher to discuss the origin and spiritual depths of Thomas à Kempis’s masterpiece, The Imitation of Christ. Learn the original purpose and audience for the work that St. Ignatius of Loyola read daily and that St. Thomas More declared to be one of the three

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Thomas à Kempis Part 4: Meditations on Death

Meditations on Death is an eternity-focused and eternally relevant narrative that has at last been translated by the great Fr. Robert Nixon from the original Latin into the breathtakingly vivid English edition from TAN Books. St. Benedict says we should “keep death daily before our eyes.” How can we do

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Thomas à Kempis Part 5: A Model for Holiness

Join TAN Publisher Conor Gallagher and Fr. Robert Nixon in this final discussion on the great spiritual master, Thomas à Kempis. Consider what the humble listener can take away from this series discussing his life and greatest works. Ponder the virtues and charisms this great man grasped and exhibited throughout

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