TAN Direction Podcasts

The Commentaries

The Commentaries is a podcast series from TAN in which you’ll learn how to read and understand history’s greatest Catholic works, from today’s greatest Catholic scholars. In every series of The Commentaries, your expert host will be your personal guide to not just read the book, but to live the book, shining the light of its eternal truths into the darkness of our modern trials and tribulations.

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The Spiritual Masters

The Spiritual Masters is a podcast series from TAN profiling the greatest and holiest men and women from Catholic history. Join us as we explore the life and times in which they lived, an overview and study of their greatest works, and how we, as Catholics, can look to these masters as models for our own holiness on our journey to Heaven.

From the Rooftop

From the Rooftop is a podcast from TAN hosted by Msgr. Patrick Winslow and Fr. Matthew Kauth. These two priests invite you to join their conversation out in the open air, looking out at the world around us from the rooftop of the Church. Together with right reason, clear thinking, and the light of faith, we can better understand the world we live in and all the ways in which we encounter it. Each episode discusses topics ranging from the joy found in acts such as true devotion, the proper celebration of liturgical seasons, and aging gracefully to the compassion and charity necessary to manage ourselves in a fallen world with difficult personality types, progressive ideologies, extreme narcissism, and more.

The Authority

The Authority with Joseph Pearce introduces you to the men and women behind history’s greatest works of literature. Come along every week as we explore these renowned authors, the times and genres in which they wrote, why scholars praise their writing, and how we, as Catholics, should read and understand their works.