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Wisdom is something which we all naturally value, desire, and seek in this present life. Yet our wisdom in this present life, even for the most learned and astute of people, is always partial, fragmentary, and uncertain. But in the next life,

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The Perfect Well-Being of the Souls in Heaven

We may truly say that well-being is something which is loved and desired by all human beings. And concerning this condition of well-being, what may be said which is better or more true than that which the Psalmist declares that “the well-being of the just comes from the Lord”?

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The Arrest of Christ

After this, my Son returned to His disciples and found that they had succumbed to sleep. He said to them with some disappointment, “Could you not remain awake for just one hour with Me?” And He added, “Behold! The one who will betray Me now draws nigh.” Just at that time, Judas appeared on the scene,

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The Betrayal of Christ and His Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane

Anselm: Tell me, most beloved Lady, how did the events of the passion of your Son first begin? Mary: When my Son and His disciples had arisen from the table at His last supper, the perfidious traitor Judas Iscariot went forth alone to see the high priests of the temple. He received from them the sum of thirty denarii of silver and, in exchange,

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