Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) was a German-born nun, mystic and stigmatist.  It is said that for many years she experienced visions of the life of Christ and lived almost entirely on water and the Blessed Eucharist.  In 1813 she received the stigmata.


The Resurrection of Our Lord

I beheld the soul of Our Lord between two Angels who were in the attire of warriors: it was bright, luminous, and resplendent as the sun at midday; it penetrated the rock, touched the Sacred Body, passed into it, and the two were instantaneously united, and became as one. I then saw the limbs move,…


The Chalice Used at the Last Supper

The chalice which the Apostles brought from Veronica’s house was wonderful and mysterious in its appearance. It had been kept a long time in the temple among other precious objects of great antiquity, the use and origin of which had been forgotten. The same has been in some degree the case in the Christian Church,…


The Immaculate Conception According to Anne Catherine Emmerich

“In the moment when the newborn child [Mary] lay in the arms of her holy mother Anna, I saw that at the same time the child was presented in Heaven in the sight of the Most Holy Trinity, and greeted with unspeakable joy by all the heavenly host.” —Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich Anne Catherine Emmerich…