Amanda Evinger

Amanda Evinger is a wife, mother and author.  She is a convert to the Faith and a busy homeschool mother.  She has published Catholic commentary for various publications.  She is author of Homeschooling Lesson Planner: A Catholic Mother's Guide to Scheduling Her Week  (TAN Books, 2019).


Pregnancy and Fulfilling the Homeschool Mission

Homeschooling while bringing eight infants into this world, suffering through a few miscarriages and recovering from the death of two babies, I think I finally am getting in the swing of things… at least maybe… a little. Inspiring words of comfort from Pope John Paul II highlight the unique experience of motherhood, with its joys…


Homeschooling for Heaven’s Sake

“The loveliest masterpiece of the Heart of God is the heart of a mother.” – St. Therese of Lisieux After having eight babies in 13 years and homeschooling for a good 10, I am convinced that even world-class jugglers can’t hold a candle to homeschooling mamas. Catch this screenshot (in words) of a typical homeschooling…


Homeschooling Along the Path to Eternal Life

When you first hold your sweet-smelling newborn baby in your arms, nestling your heart to theirs, it doesn’t take long to realize that you are holding a sublime sign of hope for the world. Their baptized soul radiates the infinite, undying mercy of God the Father; their eyes hold the capacity to discover life’s marvels;…

reading to girls

TAN Academy: Voyaging Through Read Aloud Land as a Family

It’s 8:00 a.m. and you are packing up for a seriously groovy adventure.  I suppose you could say you are planning a sort of mature escape from the lovely humdrum of homemaking, or taking a day off to visit a literary amusement park in the midst of the daily grind of homeschooling.  You are really…