Fr. Albert P. Marcello, III, J.C.D. (Cand.)

Fr. Albert P. Marcello, III, J.C.D. (Cand.) is a priest of the diocese of Providence, R.I. He holds an S.T.B. and M.A. in Thomistic Studies from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, and a J.C.L. from the Catholic University of Louvain, where he is a doctoral candidate in canon law.


Perseverance in Prayer

The anemic style so frequently noted in recent translations and compositions of prayer, particularly over the past sixty or so years, is not quite so likely to please the Master of the Kingdom that suffers persecution. Treatises have been written about the terse, clear style of prayer expressed in the collects of the Roman Rite…


Prayers More Than Tears: On Devotion to the Holy Souls

The comforting dogma of our faith of prayer for the holy souls in purgatory remains at the same time awe-inspiring and a deep consolation to all of us who strive to live in the mystery of the Lord Jesus Christ. We should renew our faith in keeping with the spirit of the liturgical texts to…