St. Athanasius

St. Athanasius (c. 296–298 – 373) was a Church Father, an Egyptian bishop, a noted theologian, and chief defender of the Christian Faith against Arianism. His book entitled St. Antony of the Desert is a best-selling TAN Books classic.


First Temptations of St. Antony

But the devil, the hater and envier of good, could not bear to see such resolution in a young man, but attempted to use against him the means in which he is skilled. First, he tried to draw him back from the religious life by reminding him of his property, of the care of his…


The Devil’s Powerlessness

Since Our Lord lived, the enemy is fallen, and his powers have lost their strength. Therefore, though he can do nothing, nevertheless, like a fallen tyrant, he does not rest, but threatens, though it be but words. Let each of you think of that, and he can despise the demons. If they were tied to…


The Spiritual Influence of St. Antony of the Desert

Such was the life of Antony. We must not disbelieve when all these wonders are wrought through a man.  For it is the promise of the Savior, who said: “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, depart hence, and it shall depart; and nothing shall be…


That We Need Not Fear Satan

“Now if the devil himself confesses that he can do nothing, we ought utterly to condemn both him and his demons.” -St. Anthony of the Desert Seeing that I have begun to discourse thus unwisely, take for your safety and encouragement this also.  And believe me, for I do not lie.  Once someone knocked at…