Colleen Roy

Colleen Roy lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and six children.  She is an educator who has been homeschooling her children for fifteen years.  Her popular column on faith and family issues is published by the B.C. Catholic.


Homeschool Advice for Catholic Moms

“A child will always learn best when he has a teacher who loves him.” -Anonymous It sounds a bit romantic, perhaps bringing to mind pretty children in lacy pajamas, staring into their father’s eyes as he reads poetry from a rocking chair. Nevertheless, this adage is true. While our concept of love may need tweaking,…


Homeschool Foundation for the Spiritual Life and Liberal Arts

“You have more than the right; you have the obligation to see to it that your children get the kind of education you want.” -Dr. John Senior Our little Andrew came home from his first semester at Thomas Aquinas College for a Christmas visit. I guess he’s not little. He’s been looking down at me…


The Blessed Boon of Homeschooling

My Andrew used to twirl himself upside down on the couch, so that his feet hung over the back, while I tried to teach him his phonograms. His sense of obedience kept him on the couch, but his restless body just needed to move. In the end, it was Cheerios that taught him to read. …