Fr. Basil Cole, OP

Fr/ Basil Cole, OP earned his lectorate and licentiate degrees from Le Saulchoir (France). He later received his doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. He was a visiting professor there from 1985-97, and has taught moral, spiritual and dogmatic theology at the Dominican House of Studies since 1998. He has authored several books including the Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood and most recently Angelic Virtues and Demonic Vices (TAN Books, 2023).


Pride, the Mother and Queen of the Vices

Saint Thomas is clear in defining the overarching vice or inspirer of all the seven capital vices. He defines it first as a disordered love for personal excellence in excess of right reason. Then, as a special sin, pride leads to a lack of subjection to God’s rule, or commandments, and the undue estimation of…