Fr. Frederick Faber

Fr. Frederick Faber (1814-1863) was a noted English priest and author who was a hymn writer and theologian.  He converted to the Catholic Faith from Anglicanism in 1845.  Two years later he was ordained a Catholic priest.


The Vast Life of God and the Precious Blood

The Empire of the Precious Blood The life of God is very vast.  It is a thing to be thought rather than to be spoken of, nay, to be seen in the mind rather than to be thought.  It is very vast.  It seems to grow vaster every day.  We kneel down before it in…


The Mystery of the Precious Blood

Salvation!  What music is there in that word – music that never tires but is always new, that always rouses yet always rests us!  It holds in itself all that our hearts would say.  It is sweet vigor to us in the morning, and in the evening it is contented peace.  It is a song…


Christmas Meditation on the Sacred Infancy of Jesus

” Yet neither Nazareth nor Bethlehem were his beginnings.  He was eternal years old the moment he was born. “ -Fr. Frederick Faber Below is a unique Christmas meditation from the famous English convert to the Catholic Faith, Fr. Frederick Faber of London, England. Fr. Faber has long been revered for his thoroughly enjoyable and erudite…