Cardinal Humberto Medeiros

Humberto Cardinal Medeiros (1915 - 1983) was a Portuguese-American priest and author who was later named the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston.  As a young priest Fr. Medeiros authored Jacinta: The Flower of Fatima, available from TAN Books.


The Secret of Our Lady and the Reality of Hell

Anyone who has been interested in the apparitions of Fatima from the beginning has felt a curiosity and burning desire to uncover or see uncovered the mysterious secret which the children claimed to have received from the Lady, and which they kept inviolate in the face of the most alluring promises as well as the…


The Children of Fatima and Devotion to the Papacy

The Portuguese have always shown special loyalty to the Holy Father. It was the Pope who emancipated them from vassalage to Castile – and it was to him that the new, little country of Portugal was entrusted at its birth. Though in the course of the centuries this traditional devotion was occasionally weakened, the fault…


The Simple Spirituality of the Little Apostle Jacinta of Fatima

“Jacinta did not rest until she brought her own family to a daily recitation of the rosary in common.” -Cardinal Humberto Medeiros The fruits of Jacinta’s generous cooperation with the grace of God are being manifested to us only now.  In this chapter we shall attempt to summarize her apostolate following the transformation which took…