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He Judges with Clemency

All wisdom comes from the Lord God, we find in the Book of Ecclesiasticus, and with him it remains forever, and is before all time

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Explore the demand for spirituality in a secularized world and the role of Christ in fulfilling this need. Discover the depths of the relationship with Christ and its transformative power.

We Do Not Ask Enough

It is clear then that we do not receive anything because we do not ask enough. God could not give us little, He could not

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The Chalice He Offers Us

It is one of the most firmly established and most consoling of the truths that have been revealed to us that (apart from sin) nothing

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Take Up Your Cross

Our Trials are Never Greater Than Our Strength to Bear Them Do not let ourselves be troubled when we are sometimes beset by adversity, for

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Trust When We Lose Spiritual Consolation

We ought to practice conformity to the will of God when we are deprived of those exterior aids to our spiritual well-being that He pleases to withdraw from us. For example a friend or counselor on whom you rely for help and encouragement is taken away from you and you seem unable to get along without him. There is, in fact,

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Perseverance in Prayer

If you want all your prayers to be answered without fail and oblige God to meet all your wishes, the first thing is never to

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