Fr. Kevin Drew

Fr. Kevin Drew is a priest and pastor of the Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph.  He is well known for his preaching and evangelization.  Fr. Drew attended Holy Apostles Seminary in Connecticut and Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis before his ordination in 2012.


The Peace that Comes from Christ

“Our churches are already being targeted for violence, and our worship services are being disrupted, which motivated me to send you the memo last week asking you to be more attentive to security measures on your property.  These attacks may now likely increase … But for us, as faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ,…


Spiritual Realities of the Papacy & the Priesthood

When two of her sons told her they were being called by God to the priesthood my Grandma Schmidt went back to work at nights as a licensed nurse to help pay for their seminary formation.  My Uncles Carl and Anthony were ordained priests on the same day in 1950.  When asked who, out of…


We Are At War with Agents of the Devil

In 1949 the Englishman George Orwell wrote a book titled 1984.  It was about life in a totalitarian state; life under a government that held total control over peoples’ lives. Orwell invented terms used in the book that resonate today:  Big Brother, doublethink, thought-crime, Newspeak.  The main character in the book worked for the Ministry…


The Reality of Exorcism and Demonic Possession

Eight hundred years ago in Belgium, as a third of Europe was dying of the Bubonic Plague, a group of men quit their jobs and dedicated themselves to tending the sick and the dying.  They became known as the Alexian Brothers, named after St Alexis of Rome. The new religious order distinguished itself by accepting…


Go, and Search Diligently for the Child  

Herod the Great, the King of the Jews – was neither a king nor a Jew.  His mother was an Arab, the daughter of a sheik, and his father was an Idumean (Edomite) from south of Israel.  The name “Herod” isn’t even Jewish, it’s Greek.  It’s a name from Greek mythology.  How did Herod, who…


Mary as the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was a wood box about four-feet long and two and a half-feet wide.  The word “ark” comes from the Hebrew word “aron” which means chest or coffer.  The Ark was no ordinary chest.  It was plated inside and out with gold.  And it had an ornate cover, called the mercy…