Ven. Mary of Agreda

Venerable Mary of Agreda (1602 – 1665) was a Franciscan Abbess, spiritual writer, and mystic. She is known as the author of 14 books including The Mystical City of God, published by TAN Books.


The Importance of Mary in the Spiritual Order (PART II)

The Holy Parents of Mary: Saints Joachim and Ann In fine, the appointed time approaching, God sent into the world two brilliant flambeaux, to announce the coming dawn of the Sun of Justice, Jesus, our Saviour. These were St. Joachim and St. Ann, whom the Divine Will had prepared and created to be the parents…


The Importance of Mary in the Spiritual Order (PART I)

Before we begin to write the admirable life of the Mother of God, it is necessary to make known the sublime rank which, from all eternity, she held in the divine counsels. Although the Divine Intelligence, one, indivisible and very simple, conceives and decides on an act in an infinitely simple manner, without relation to…