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Corpus Christi, Protestantism, and the Real Presence

It is thus that on this memorable day [Feast of Corpus Christi] faith triumphs, hope is enhanced, charity shines, piety exults, our temples re-echo with hymns of exultation, pure souls tremble with holy joy, the faith of the lukewarm is awakened, whilst infidelity and heresy are confounded. It cannot be doubted,

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On Unworthy Communion

There remains, Dear Reader, one more subject to treat of before my task is ended: It is unworthy Communion. It is not so agreeable a subject as those with which we have been hitherto engaged; but reverence for our Divine Saviour, as well as zeal for the salvation of souls, require that the truth should be told.

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On the Power of the Prayer of Children

Once the Emperor Henry besieged a certain city for a considerable time. The inhabitants were unwilling to surrender; so he notified them that he would give orders to his soldiers to take the city by assault, and massacre all its inhabitants to a man, even the little children.

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Satan’s Hatred for the Mass

Everyone knows that the first duty of man is to adore God. No sooner was man created than this
necessary homage became due. All know likewise that the perfect way of expressing this homage is by
sacrifice: the mode of adoration revealed by the Almighty Himself to man.

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