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Evangelizing By Example

Written for priests, seminarians, and men discerning the priesthood, The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood strengthens souls and unites them to Christ and to their sublime vocation. In this excerpt, Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche implores priests to lead and teach above all by example. Her instruction is priceless not only to priests, but to all of us who seek to act as our Lord’s instrument in this life. 

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Explore the divine purpose of the priesthood in the salvation of souls. Venerable Louise Margaret delves into the priest's role in sustaining, enlightening, and guiding mankind towards God.

The Priest: A Creation Of Infinite Love

God, in His excess of love for man, created the priest. The priest was created to help sustain, enlighten, and bring man closer to God. Here Venerable Louise Margaret reflects upon the gift of the priesthood and the role of the priest in the salvation of souls.

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Discover profound reflections on God's boundless love for humanity and our reciprocal love for Him in "The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood" by Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche.

Love Of God For Man, And Of Man For God

The following has been excerpted from The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood by Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche. Here, Venerable Louise Margaret meditates upon God’s infinite love for man and man’s love for God.

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Discover the infinite love of God at our website. Explore the essence of His love from eternity to eternity. Learn how to reciprocate His love in return.

To Conquer Through Love

“‘GOD is LOVE.’ (John 4:8). His great occupation is to love. He loves from eternity to eternity.” “God loves, but He wishes to be loved; Love has need of a return, and if the very bosom of the Divinity, the Father, and the Word and the Holy Ghost give such a perfect return that They love each other with the same love which is Their essence and Their being, in like manner God wishes to find outside Himself a reciprocity, relative indeed and proportioned to the created being, but nevertheless real. The creature has received everything from God and is bound to return everything to God; it is what it is only by God; it should employ its whole being for God.” (From Book of Infinite Love by Mother Louise Margaret).

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