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Fortifying Virtues

How virtues are proved and fortified by their contraries. From God to Catherine:“Up to the present, I have taught thee how a man may serve his neighbor, and manifest, by that service, the love which he has towards Me. Now I wish to tell thee further, that a man proves his patience on his neighbor, when he receives injuries from him.

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Discover the importance of interior mortification and its impact on our souls. Explore the two types of mortification and learn how to practice it in all aspects of life. Join Fr. John Croiset, SJ, in this insightful discussion.

The Bridge

How this Bridge has three steps, which signify the three states of the soul; and how, being lifted on high, yet it is not separated from the earth; and how these words are to be understood: “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all things unto Me.” Then the Eternal God, to enamor and excite that soul still more for the salvation of souls,

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