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Virtuous Friendship

The Way of Perfection is a highly detailed guide to approaching the Lord through higher and higher degrees of meditative prayer and contemplation, written by

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Uncover Saint Teresa of Avila's guidance on practicing perfect charity and gaining spiritual love for others. Apply her timeless wisdom to enrich your spiritual journey.

Growing In Perfect Charity

The following was taken from The Way of Perfection by Saint Teresa of Avila. In these excerpts, Saint Teresa explains how to practice perfect charity, an example of true charity, and how to gain spiritual love for others. While Saint Teresa is writing to those living in a state of religious life, her spiritual wisdom can be applied to all.

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Both Martha And Mary

This, my sisters, is what I would have us strive for—to offer our petitions and to practice prayer, not for our own enjoyment but to gain strength to serve God. Let us seek no fresh path; we should lose ourselves in ways of ease. It would be a strange thing to fancy we should gain these graces by any other road than that by which Jesus and all His Saints have gone before. Let us not dream of such a thing: believe me, both Martha and Mary must entertain Our Lord and keep Him as their Guest, nor must they be so inhospitable as to offer Him no food. How can Mary do this while she sits at His feet, if her sister does not help her?

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War Within the Soul

Let us endeavor to do our best: beware of the poisonous reptiles— that is to say, the bad thoughts and aridities which are often permitted by God to assail and torment us so that we cannot repel them. Indeed, perchance we feel their sting! He allows this to teach us to be more on our guard in the future

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