Fr. William Rock, FSSP

Fr. William Rock, FSSP is a priest and writer of the Fraternity of St. Peter. He is also a veteran of the US Air Force. Currently he is serving at Regina Caeli parish in Houston, Texas.


Effects of Holy Communion

There is a correspondence between the natural uses of the matter of the Sacraments and at least some of the effects they produce.  For example, an effect of Baptism is that one is born again as an adopted child of God.  When one is born naturally, one is wet.  When one is born again supernaturally,…


Proper Dispositions of the Reception of Holy Communion

As is the case with each of the Sacraments, the fruitful reception of Holy Communion brings about in the recipient an increase of Sanctifying Grace, the Infused Virtues, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  But the degree of growth in each of the recipients will be proportional to one’s disposition. The minimum required disposition…


When Christ Our Pasch was Sacrificed

“When Christ our Pasch was sacrificed” – Over the course of the 40 days of Eastertide, this phrase will recur again and again during Mass when the Easter Preface is prayed.  These words cannot but draw us back to the Epistle read on Easter Sunday from St Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians (5:7-8) which…