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The Hope of Salvation

Though we are but sinners, Our Lord gives us the confidence to place our hope in salvation. In this meditation, Saint Alphonsus Liguori urges souls to not be afraid to place all their trust in the merciful love of our Savior who died for our salvation. This hope of salvation should give us courage to firmly fix our eyes upon Jesus Christ. 

Oh, how great is the hope of salvation which the death of Jesus Christ imparts to us: Who is He that shall condemn? Christ Jesus who died, who also makes intercession for us. Who is it, asks the Apostle, that has to condemn us? It is that same Redeemer who, in order not to condemn us to eternal death, condemned Himself to a cruel death upon a cross. From this Saint Thomas of Villanova encourages us, saying, “What are you afraid of, sinner? How shall He condemn you penitent, who dies that you may not be condemned? How shall He cast you off returning, who came from heaven seeking you?” But greater still is the encouragement given us by this same Savior of ours when, speaking by Isaiah, He says, Behold, I have graven you upon My hands; your walls are always before My eyes. Be not distrustful, My sheep; see how much you cost Me. I keep you engraved upon My hands in these wounds which I have suffered for you; these are ever reminding Me to help you and to defend you from your enemies: love Me and have confidence.

Yes, my Jesus, I love You and feel confidence in You. To rescue me, this has cost You dear; to save me will cost You nothing. It is Your will that all should be saved and that none should perish. If my sins cause me to dread, Your goodness reassures me, more desirous as You are to do me good than I am to receive it. Ah, my beloved Redeemer, I will say to You with Job: Even though You should kill me, yet I will hope in You . . . and You will be my Savior. Were You even to drive me away from Your presence, O my love, yet I would not leave off from hoping in You, who are my Savior. Too much do these wounds of Yours and this blood encourage me to hope for every good from Your mercy. I love You, O dear Jesus; I love You, and I hope.

The glorious Saint Bernard one day, in sickness, saw himself before the judgment-seat of God, where the devil was accusing him of his sins and telling him that he did not deserve paradise: “It is true that I deserve not paradise,” the saint replied, “but Jesus has a twofold title to this kingdom—in the first place, as being by nature Son of God, in the next place, as having purchased it by His death. He contents Himself with the first of these, and the second He makes over to me, and therefore it is that I ask and hope for paradise.” We, too, can say the same; for Saint Paul sufferings, had for its end the obtaining of paradise for all sinners that are penitent and resolved to amend: And, being perfected, He was made the cause of eternal salvation to all that obey Him. And hence the Apostle subjoins: Let us run to the fight proposed unto us, looking on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of faith, who, having joy proposed unto Him, underwent the cross, despising the shame. Let us go forth with courage to fight against our enemies, fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ, who, together with the merits of His passion, offers us the victory and the crown.

This article is taken from a chapter in The Road to Calvary: Daily Meditations for Lent and Easter by Saint Alphonsus Liguori which is available from TAN Books



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