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Explore the profound insights and deep love for Sacred Scripture in Anselm's work, The Glories of Heaven. Discover the promised gifts of friendship, honor, joy, and wisdom in heaven.

The Gifts Of Heaven

Relying on his profound insights from prayer and his deep love for Sacred Scripture, Anselm systematically describes various aspects of the happiness of heaven in his work, The Glories of Heaven. This excerpt compiles his writing on the gifts of friendship, honor, joy, and wisdom that we are promised in heaven.

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Delve into the concept of Divine action and Providence through the perspective of faith on our website. See how God's presence is revealed to those who believe.

The Divine Action Is Always Present

The Divine action, although only visible to the eye of faith, is everywhere, and always present. God is interpreted through faith and His Providence is most visible when seen with the eyes of faith.

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Explore the greatest autobiography ever written by Saint Augustine of Hippo, Confessions. Delve into the longing of a Doctor of the Church for the true Doctor of the soul, Christ.

Avoiding False Compassion

Of all the autobiographies ever written by mere mortals, Confessions by Saint Augustine of Hippo is the greatest. In this masterpiece, you will find a Doctor of the Church longing for the true Doctor of the soul, Christ. This excerpt highlights the distinction between compassion toward sin and true sorrow for lost souls. 

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