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Five Powerful Protections From Demons

Amidst a backdrop of contemporary skepticism, Cruz champions the enduring belief in these spiritual entities, drawing from the rich tapestry of insights gleaned from the annals of the Church, saints, and mystics. Within these pages, she unveils a sacred arsenal of protections bestowed upon the faithful by the saints themselves, offering five potent defenses against the malevolent forces of darkness, serving as beacons of hope and resilience in an age of doubt and disbelief.

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Occasions of Sin: What They Are And How To Avoid Them

With a keen understanding of Christian theology and a profound insight into the human condition, Bishop Hay illuminates the insidious nature of the enemies of salvation. Through meticulous exposition, he reveals the ways in which the desires of the flesh, the seductions of the world, and the deceptions of the Devil conspire against the soul’s journey towards redemption. His teachings serve as a beacon of guidance for those seeking to fortify their spiritual defenses and safeguard their eternal salvation against these formidable adversaries.

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Distractions in Prayer

The following excerpts have been taken from “A Treatise on Perfection: Saintly Counsel on Obtaining Salvation” by Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu.

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Christ the Beloved

Christ: MY SON, thou art not as yet a valiant and prudent lover. Disciple: Why, O Lord? Christ: Because thou fallest off from what thou

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On the Fire of Hell

Although in the present day many are found to deny the existence of hell, or, at any rate, the eternity of punishment, we do not

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The Atheistic Manifesto of Freemasonry

Upon great social movements, upon discontented populations, upon corruption, distraction, and contention, they [freemasons] rely to bring their one redoubted enemy, the Catholic Church, to what they call the tomb. There are few people on earth more concerned with this fact than the Irish people.

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