Spiritual Contagions: the Dangers of Modernism

What if you were to learn that your little one had cancer—a parent’s worst nightmare—and it was due to long term exposure to a local power plant’s radiation? How enraged you would be at the authorities for allowing this travesty! How frustrated you may feel with yourself for living so close to a potential risk.

Many of the gravest dangers to your child are not immediate, for broken bones can heal. But deeply imbedded ailments, such as cancer, often are irrevocable. And often the most dangerous diseases are largely undetectable. Think of the frog that slowly boils in the water as the temperature is turned up: the warm water must have originally felt soothing. But the little thing cooks to death. In fact, the most dangerous of foes are the ones that sneak in through that which we perceive as good for us, just like Odysseus and his Greeks snuck into the city of Troy in the belly of the Trojan horse.

The devil knows your child. The devil knows exactly how to slowly turn up the temperature on your child. The devil knows how to sneak in through that which seems “enlightened.” And the devil knows that the greatest weapons against his devilish tactics are found within tradition. In short, the devil is a modernist and works tirelessly to bring your child within his ranks.

Modernism is, in fact, a declared heresy. Pope St. Pius X declared it such on September 8, 1907 in his encyclical called Pascendi Dominici Gregis, “On the Doctrines of the Modernists.” As a parent, it is vital that you understand the enemy assaulting your son or daughter.

Modernism is such a deceptive tool of the devil that it is difficult to define. Pius X called it “the synthesis of all heresies” precisely because it is not just one erroneous idea but a conglomerate of erroneous ideas orchestrated to bring doubt to the authority of God and His Church. It is, in a nutshell, the desire to reform the Church. The reformers, these “enemies of the Cross,” the pope explains, are “walking the footsteps of Luther” but hiding within the ranks of the Church.

Modernism is precisely what your children will be taught by the secular media, in virtually every school, in every state university. Such academic institutions are nothing better than layers of Satan. Their purpose is to impose the doctrines of the modernist religion.

First, modernism teaches (not unlike the French revolutionists that murdered priests and nuns in the streets of Paris) the spirit of emancipation: emancipation first and foremost from the oppressive Church of Rome. This includes freedom from authority of the Church (and your parental authority is next on the chopping block), freedom from articles of faith that cannot be proven by science, freedom of the conscience from the beliefs of dead white men. Your child, they declare, must be freed from the bondage you put them in by raising them Catholic. Can’t you see, Dear Parent, that the modernists hate you! They hate what you have done to your child! It is their job, their patriotic duty, to fix the damage you have done!

Next, the modernists proclaim the spirit of change, for all things in life are progressing towards greater enlightenment. This is why they prefer to call themselves “progressives” rather than leftists. Society, they say, is progressing away from the dark ages of Christendom. It is their job to ensure your child is moving away from the faith of their childhood and towards true enlightenment. The spirit of change results in Darwinian evolution, which to them means your child is nothing more than an evolved amoeba. In fact, the entire universe began not as an act of God but as an unexplainable galactic combustion of gasses.

And thirteen billion years later, your little one is a mere cosmological accident. Mathematically it is more likely, however, that a print job explodes and the ink lands on paper in such a manner that it results in the sonnets of Shakespeare. But the pride of these modernists would rather believe this nonsense than submit to an Almighty God who controls the universe in which they are progressing; yes, man becomes its own god rather than surrendering to the God-man. In fact, the spirit of change allows a young man or woman to change their sexual identity. Make no mistake, Dear Parent, the spirit of change will alter your child if you do not go to extreme lengths to counteract.

A further doctrine of the modernist regime, the spirit of equality, is yet another assault on the authority of Holy Mother Church, and the very life of Jesus Christ. The modernists want to infect your child with the idea that all faiths are of equal value, that all ideology must be reconciled into one brotherhood. The sole purpose of this notion is to dismantle the one, true, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. Truly, they desire to depose the pope so that every man and woman can be their own pope. They want your child to believe that Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity are merely different expressions of the human heart’s longing for peace and love.

They want your heterosexual marriage to be seen as the same as their homosexual marriage. In the political realm, they want your state’s identity to be consumed into one large federal identity that needs no distinction throughout the land. To wit, they are now actively working to create a one world order without national boundaries, with no concern for the moral doctrine of subsidiarity. In the economic realm, they want your money to go into one vast national treasury so that the more enlightened bureaucrats will spend it more prudently—one big bank of brotherhood. Wait and see: a global currency will come next.

The modernists’ spirit of equality will drain your child of all individuality and force him into a nameless society, neutered of sexual identity, void of political and economic freedom, empty of any religious fervor.

This article is taken from a chapter in Parenting for Eternity by Conor Gallagher which is available from TAN Books.



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