Pursuit of Perfection

Familiar Friendship with Jesus

Thomas à Kempis / November 25, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Thanksgiving Meditation: Gratitude to Jesus Christ

The Soul Sanctified / November 24, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Inequality in Friendship

Fr. William Rock, FSSP / November 23, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Reflection on the Feast of St. Cecilia

Fr. Alban Butler / November 22, 2022
Pursuit of Perfection

Confession is the Sacrament of Mercy (PART II)

R. P. Quadrupani, Barnabite / November 22, 2022


“Son, when thou comest to the service of God, stand in justice and in fear, and prepare thy soul for temptation.” -Ecclesiasticus 2:1 St. Jerome, upon these words, “There is a time of war and a time of peace” (Ecclus. 3:8), says, that as long as we are in this life, it is a time…


To Attain Perfection We Must Patiently Endure Our Imperfection

We must have our mind settled on two points: one, to expect the growth of weeds in our garden; the other, to have courage to witness their removal, and to lend a hand ourselves. For self-love will not die as long as we live, and it is the origin of all those unwelcome productions. Man…


The Devil’s Powerlessness

Since Our Lord lived, the enemy is fallen, and his powers have lost their strength. Therefore, though he can do nothing, nevertheless, like a fallen tyrant, he does not rest, but threatens, though it be but words. Let each of you think of that, and he can despise the demons. If they were tied to…


On Meekness

“Blessed are the meek for they shall possess the land.” -Matt 5:4 “Learn of me because I am meek.” -Matt 11:29 Our Lord offers us in His Divine Person a model of all the virtues. Meekness, however, is the one that He seems to have wished more particularly to propose for our imitation since He…


Trustful Surrender in Poverty and Its Hardships

We ought to conform to God’s Will in poverty and all the inconveniences poverty brings in its train. It is not too hard to do so if we fully realize that God watches over us as a father over his children and puts us in that condition because it is of most value to us.…


Saint John Paul II and the Gift and Duty of Our Talents

As a biographer of Saint John Paul II, whose feast day is October 22, I’m often asked if I have a favorite statement of the great pope whose pontificate ran from October 1978 through April 2005. That is not an easy choice. I came into the Catholic Church in large part because of John Paul…


Resting in God Above All Goods and Gifts

Above all things, and in all things, do thou, my soul, rest always in the Lord, for He is the eternal rest of the saints. Give me, O most sweet and loving Jesus, to repose in Thee above all things created; above all health and beauty, above all glory and honor, above all power and…


We Must Pray with Confidence

“And all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” -John 21:22 God has solemnly promised to hearken to a prayer said with confidence. “All things whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” (Matt. 21:22). “All things whatsoever you ask when ye pray, believe that you shall receive, and they…