TAN Direction Episode 5. Abandonment to Divine Providence: Divine Action Visible Through the Eyes of Faith


Episode 5. Abandonment to Divine Providence: Divine Action Visible Through the Eyes of Faith

Fr. Robert Nixon discusses divine action as always present and active, though only visible through the eyes of faith. He relays how author Jean-Pierre de Caussade emphasizes that every moment, whether filled with joy or suffering, conceals God’s providential work. By recognizing God’s will in every aspect of life, individuals can achieve true peace and sanctification.

Episode 5 covers Book 1, Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 2.


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The Commentaries is a podcast series from TAN in which you’ll learn how to read and understand history’s greatest Catholic works, from today’s greatest Catholic scholars. In every series of The Commentaries, your expert host will be your personal guide to not just read the book, but to live the book, shining the light of its eternal truths into the darkness of our modern trials and tribulations.

Fr. Robert Nixon is your guide for The Commentaries: Abandonment to Divine Providence. Abandonment to Divine Providence is an 18th-century classic that is the answer to modern doubts and anxieties. Author Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade offers the one sure solution to any spiritual difficulty: abandon yourself entirely to God by embracing the duties of your station in life. Join Fr. Robert on this 21-episode journey as he skillfully leads us through the timeless wisdom from the text with a perspective that provides helpful examples and countless ways to apply these lessons in our daily lives.

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Meet Your Host

Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB, is a monk of the Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity, New Norcia, Western Australia. There he serves as Director of the Institute for Benedictine Studies. He is a retreat master and liturgist. His interests include Medieval Latin literature, especially the lives of the saints.

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