TAN Direction Episode 7 – The Imitation of Christ: Walk Before Me in Truth

Episode 7 – The Imitation of Christ: Walk Before Me in Truth

An exchange in The Imitation of Christ between Christ and the soul, his disciple, stands out in episode seven of The Commentaries.

“Son, walk before Me in truth and always seek Me in the simplicity of thy heart. He that walks before Me in truth shall be secured from evil occurrences, and truth shall deliver him from deceivers and from the detractors of the wicked. If truth is on your side, you will be free from all anxiety and unconcerned at all that vain men can say against you.”

Then the soul, the disciple, replies to Christ, “Lord, this is true as Thou say, so I beseech You. Let it be done with me. Let Your truth teach me. Let Your truth guard me and keep me till I come to a happy end. Let the same truth deliver me from all evil affections and all inordinate love, and I shall walk with the imperfect freedom of heart.”

Episode 7 of The Commentaries dives into Book Three of The Imitation of Christ, chapters 1-6.

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Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB, is a monk of the Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity, New Norcia, Western Australia. There he serves as Director of the Institute for Benedictine Studies. He is a retreat master and liturgist. His interests include Medieval Latin literature, especially the lives of the saints.

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