TAN Direction Episode 2 – The Imitation of Christ: What Really Matters

Episode 2 – The Imitation of Christ: What Really Matters

Life can be a constant struggle of spending time and energy on the things and people that matter most to us, while also understanding that this world ultimately isn’t the most important one. Let Fr. Robert Nixon and The Imitation of Christ lead you to what really matters.

“Avoid worldly company, useless conversations, and those overflowings and attachments of the heart, which are neither regulated nor governed by the law of God. For all of these things dissipate the soul.”

This admonition from The Imitation of Christ serves as a great reminder for all of us to train our minds and hearts on the most important things in life. Or, as Fr. Robert Nixon says, “We need this caution, and prudence, and restraint, in order to keep ourselves focused on what really matters.”

This episode of The Commentaries dives into The Imitation of Christ Book One, Chapters 6-11.

Meet Your Host

Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB, is a monk of the Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity, New Norcia, Western Australia. There he serves as Director of the Institute for Benedictine Studies. He is a retreat master and liturgist. His interests include Medieval Latin literature, especially the lives of the saints.

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