A Prayer to the Queen of Heaven

O Virgin of aureate radiance, most holy Mother of God, joy of the angels, exaltation of the patriarchs, happiness of the prophets, felicity of the apostles, sweetness of the martyrs, nectar of those who profess the Truth, har­mony of the holy virgins!

Turn, in kindness, your benign ear towards me,

let your eyes of mercy gaze upon me.

I am blind; grant me light!

I am weak; give me strength!

I am dead; make me live!

By the honeyed vision of your beauty, the sorrowful are made joyful. By your gentle touch, the infirm are made whole. By your rose-like odor, the dead are raised to life. All the good things which come from heaven are given through your merits, or obtained through your kindly intercession.

O Mistress, look, therefore, upon me—a wretched sinner, darkened by iniquity, surrounded by a multi­tude of miseries! Through you, most holy Virgin, let my chains be broken, let my sins be forgiven, let what is broken within me be repaired, let what has grown weary be renewed, let what is lost be found, let what is incomplete be rendered whole. Through your grace, let my will be cleansed, let my mind be clarified, my soul inflamed, my heart melt, my taste be filled with sweetness, my appearance be made as beautiful as God intended.

Come to my aid—O you who are the light by which I am illuminated, the sweetness by which I am refreshed, the strength by which I become strong, and the fortitude by which I am sustained. Cast far away from me the false and wicked word, the malevolent thought, and the evil deed. May your grace direct my life; may your presence enlighten my mind; and may your mercy lead me unto life eternal.

For you are, indeed, the true and surest path to that glory! O Mother! Through you the way is illuminated which leads to the heights of heaven, where, through your intercession, the assembly of the humble will be graciously received.

O Thou honey of ineffable sweetness, O Thou glow­ing brilliance of the spring’s flowers!

O Mistress of the Cosmos, O blessed bond of charity,

O unique union of love!

You wash away our guilt, you cleanse us of our sin.

You are the supreme maidenly Dignity, decorated with lilies.

You are the unique, fruitful Virginity, enthroned on high.

Queen of the angels, life-giving medicine, mysteri­ous flower of the valley!

Teacher of virtue and light of every heart!

Celestial Queen, protectress of the faithful, ivory throne of Christ, lead us, thy children, to the glory of the saints when this, our earthly exile, is complete. Amen.

This article is taken from a chapter in Crown of the Virgin by St. Ildephonsus of Toledo, which is available from TAN Books.



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