Five Daily Graces from Your Guardian Angel

1. They Protect Us in Perils

Innumerable instances of the protection of the Angels in physical dangers may be cited from Holy Scripture, from the lives of the Saints and from the daily experience of ordinary persons. Among those mentioned in the Scriptures are the rescue of Lot and his family from the city of Sodom, the protection of the three Hebrew youths in the fiery furnace of Babylon, the assistance rendered to Judas the Maccabee and his army, and the rescue of St. Peter in prison.

2. They Defend Us against the Demons

In the hour of temptation, when the enemies from Hell break in upon us, the holy Angels intervene in our behalf and help us to conquer the craftiness of the enemy. They strengthen us in the fight, warn us against the suggestions of the tempter, disclose to us his snares and make us fear evil.

3. They Inspire Holy Thoughts

“Your holy Angel is tender, gentle and mild,” says the devout spiritual writer, Hermas. “When he takes possession of your heart, he speaks of justice, modesty and benignity, of true love and piety. When such things make themselves felt in your heart, know that your holy Angel is with you.”

4. They Warn and Admonish Us

Before the city of Jerusalem was captured by the Romans, voices were heard above the Temple saying, “Let us withdraw from hence!” Similarly, our holy Guardian Angel often urges us to leave those places, those companionships, those conversations, books and pastimes where danger threatens our soul and where, because of his angelic purity and delicacy, he cannot bear us company. His voice cries out to us in various ways—through the counsel of a friend, through the reading of a good book, through the voice of conscience, etc. How often, how lovingly, how mildly he instructs, warns, entreats and invites us!

5. They Pray with Us and for Us

Holy Scripture clearly teaches that the Angels pray in our behalf. The Prophet Zacharias, speaking of the supplicating Angels who were watching over Jerusalem, says, “The angel of the Lord answered, and said: ‘O Lord of hosts, how long wilt thou not have mercy on Jerusalem, and the cities of Juda?’” (Zach. 1:12). And the Archangel Raphael said to Tobias, “When thou didst pray with tears . . . I offered thy prayer to the Lord.” (Tob. 12:12). St. Augustine says: “The Angels pray for us, not as if God did not know our needs, but the sooner to obtain for us the gift of His mercy and to secure for us the blessings of His grace.”

This article is taken from a chapter in The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions, which is available from TAN Books.



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