Five Miracles Attributed to the Medal of St. Benedict

Over the centuries, a countless multitude of miracles have been experienced through the power of the medal of Saint Benedict. The following five miracles were taken from The Cross and Medal of Saint Benedict: A Mystical Sign of Divine Power by St. Gregory, St. Bernard, and others.

A Demon is Expelled From a Possessed Man Through the Cross of Saint Benedict

In the year 1665, there was in Luxembourg a young man who was possessed by a devil, which tormented him very grievously. No remedy could be found for this possession, until the man was given to drink water in which a cross of Saint Benedict had been immersed. Immediately, after drinking a little, when he removed the goblet containing this water from his lips, the devil began to rage with unprecedented violence, tossing the man about and twisting his limbs horribly. At last, however, the devil was compelled to speak. The infernal spirit announced that he would depart from the body of the possessed man at the third hour of that night, since he could not tolerate the presence within the man’s body of the water consecrated by the cross of Saint Benedict. The young man’s parents heard this and were somewhat comforted, but not absolutely convinced of the truth of this promise. Nevertheless, at precisely the third hour of the night, the demon did depart from the young man, and he was restored to perfect health and sanity.

A Young Girl Who Is Unable to Control Her Tongue Is Cured

In the same city of Luxembourg, there was a young girl who was unable to control the utterances of her tongue. This manifested itself in her saying indecent and obscene words and exclamations, apparently without any intention of doing so. It was concluded from this involuntary and disgusting type of speech that some form of impure spirit must have taken possession of her mouth and was able to assume control of it at certain moments. She was likewise given to drink some water in which the cross of Saint Benedict had been immersed. And—behold!—once she had drunk this consecrated liquid, she gained perfect control over her tongue! Never again did she utter obscenities, but rather henceforth all her words were perfectly consistent with Christian decency and modesty.

A Tormented Demoniac Is Liberated from Diabolical Possession

In the town of Vesoul in Burgundy in France, there was a certain man who had long been possessed by a demon, which had tormented him terribly over many years. At last, the citizens held a meeting as to how to cure him, or (at least) to control and restrain him. At this gathering, a certain pious citizen suggested that the medal of Saint Benedict would offer a reliable remedy. So, a medal was procured and placed into a cup containing drink. This cup was then given to the possessed man to consume. This he did, and he was immediately liberated from possession. And never again was he troubled by the assaults of evil spirits.

The Life of a Woman Struggling in Childbirth Is Spared by the Influence of the Medal of Saint Benedict

In the month of April in the year 1666, in the town of Besançon [in eastern France], a certain pregnant woman was approaching the time of delivery of her child, and she began to experience the most horrendous pains. Despite her pangs of labor, she was not able to deliver her baby, but twisted and turned terribly and tortuously. The midwife and other women present were utterly unable to induce her to deliver the child or to relieve her pains. And despair fell over everyone, for it seemed quite certain that both the mother and child were destined to perish.

But at this point, Fr. Constantius Gravel, a priest of our order and the subprior of the Monastery of Saint Vincent at Besançon, was summoned to the bedside of the afflicted woman. He had with him a medal of Saint Benedict, which he carefully placed around her neck. Straightaway, the

Malign Spirits Are Expelled from a Haunted Castle by the Cross of Saint Benedict

About eight miles from the same town of Besançon, there is an ancient and abandoned castle or fortress, known as the Castle of Maillot. Now, this noble but decrepit edifice was haunted by a multitude of demons and malign spirits; and the people who resided in the area were all filled with fear of the ancient ruin and the eldritch entities that dwelt therein. For they would frequently hear hideous wailings and groans at night, and they were filled with a nameless horror at the diabolic influence which seemed to emanate from the place. Moreover, these ghosts or demons severely afflicted even the beasts who inhabited the area, with many unexplained instances of sickness and sudden death occurring.

There appeared to be no way of expelling the fiends and specters who haunted the castle, for all attempt at exorcism had been unsuccessful. But, in the year 1666, the local inhabitants decided to employ the mystical cross of Saint Benedict to relieve them of their unwanted, ghostly neighbors. So the design of the cross was placed all around the abandoned castle. And very soon, the symptoms of haunting completely ceased. The troublesome spirits departed, the ancient ruin became quiet, and tranquility and peace was once more restored to the region.

This article is taken from a chapter in The Cross and Medal of Saint Benedict: A Mystical Sign of Divine Power by St. Gregory, St. Bernard, and others which is available from TAN Books



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