First Communion Catechism

Revering, Loving, and Cooperating with Your Guardian Angel

In the words of St. Ambrose: “We should pray to the angel who is given us as a Guardian,” and St. Bernard justly reminds us of the duties we owe our Guardian Angel: “Reverence for his presence, devotion for his benevolence, confidence in his care. Always remember that you are in the presence of your Guardian Angel,” he exhorts his disciples.

“In whatever place you may be, in whatever secret recess you may hide, think of your Guardian Angel. Never do in the presence of your angel what you would not do in my presence.”

“The great dignity and sanctity of your holy angels makes the duty of reverence an indispensable one for us. Before the great ones of earth, men are very modest and respectful; yet their dignity is incomparably less than that of the lowest of the angels. Therefore we should always conduct ourselves piously and modestly before our holy angel, refraining from every word, gesture or action which could displease or grieve our heavenly friend and guide. This continued remembrance of the presence of our holy angel is also an excellent means of overcoming temptation.

“If we truly love our Guardian Angel, we cannot fail to have boundless confidence in his powerful intercession with God and firm faith in his willingness to help us. This will inspire us frequently to invoke his aid trial. It will prompt us also to ask his counsel in the many problems which confront us, in matters both great and small. Many of the saints made it a practice never to undertake anything without first seeking advice of their Guardian Angel.”

“Beautifully in the poem, ‘To My Guardian Angel,’ the Little Flower illustrates the true spirit of devotion to our heavenly guide and protector. Tenderly she recalls to him how from the high courts of Heaven, where he shone as a splendor of pure flame ‘before the Lord of endless light,’ he had come down to earth to be her brother, friend and helper, ever at her side. Gratefully she recalls how with loving hand he removed the stones before her feet, lest she should stumble in the path, while his face shone ever more brightly, the meeker and kindlier she grew. Then, too, she bethought herself of the needs of others and begged him to visit with her message those most dear to her, to comfort and console them in her stead. She thus sweetly commissions him:

O thou who speedest through all space

More swiftly than the lightnings fly,

Go very often in my place

To those I love most tenderly.

With thy soft touch,

Oh, dry their tears,

Tell them the cross is sweet to bear,

Speak my name softly in their ears,

And Jesus’ Name supremely fair!

When in the state of grace, a soul is a thing of beauty for our dear angel to gaze upon and he rejoices as it becomes ever more and more radiant through the Blood of Jesus. Let us then never sadden our heavenly companion by sin, but should that misfortune happen to us, may we hasten to the fountains of the Precious Blood which will restore to us our former whiteness.

This article is taken from a chapter in Saint Michael and the Angels, which is available from TAN Books.



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