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Delve into the significance of confession as a powerful weapon against the diabolic. Spiritual Warfare and Divine Mercy by Fr. Ken Garci, CPM reveals its spiritual effects and presents compelling quotes on this essential sacrament.

Confession: A Weapon In The Battle For Souls

Confession is one of the single greatest weapons against the diabolic. In these excerpts, taken from Spiritual Warfare and Divine Mercy, Fr. Ken Garci, CPM discusses the power of confession, its potency as a weapon against the diabolic, its spiritual effects, and noteworthy quotes attesting to the importance of this sacrament.

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Love of Jesus for Sinners

Our Lord, the great and excellent physician of our infirmities, announced everywhere, before coming into this world, both His arrival and the maladies He would

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual journey outlined by Ven. Louis of Granada in "The Sinner’s Guide." Gain valuable insights and guidance on overcoming sin and embracing redemption.

Deferring Conversion Until Death

The excerpt below is taken from the 16th-century TAN classic known as The Sinner’s Guide.   The author of this work is the Spanish Dominican theologian, preacher, and spiritual writer by the name of Ven. Louis of Granada (1504-1588).

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