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Unlock the potential of the Holy Spirit's presence in your life. Embrace the virtue of Patience and witness its growth with the help of the Holy Spirit's Gift of Fortitude. Visit our website for more insights.

Patience: A Virtue Flowing From Fortitude

When the Holy Spirit is present in us, His actions produce good effects in our lives. One such good effect is the practice of the virtue of Patience. The Holy Spirit’s Gift of Fortitude helps patience to grow.

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Discover the essence of the Holy Spirit by delving into the Bible, Christian Tradition, and the significance of the term "spirit" on Pentecost with the Church Fathers.

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit? This excerpt, taken from Pentecost with the Church Fathers, attempts to answer this question through a look at the Bible, Christian Tradition, and the word “spirit” itself. 

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Discover the secrets to overcoming distractions in prayer with Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis' insightful guide from "A Treatise on Perfection." Gain a deeper understanding of repose in God and combat distractions effectively.

Distractions In Prayer

The following excerpts have been taken from “A Treatise on Perfection: Saintly Counsel on Obtaining Salvation” by Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu. When facing distractions in prayer, it is useful to understand the difference between repose in God and quietism and the various types of distractions that can arise during prayer. To combat these distractions, Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis offers souls an explanation of the types of distractions and practical advice to overcome each.

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Delve into the topic of God's fatherly providence, the ultimate source of favors and privileges for those who serve Him. Learn how this providence furnishes man with all necessary means for perfection and happiness on our website.

The Grace With Which The Holy Spirit Fills Devout Souls

God’s fatherly providence, of which we have just been treating, is the source of all the favors and privileges which He bestows upon those who serve Him.  For it belongs to this providence to furnish man with all the means necessary for his perfection and happiness.

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