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Uncover the inspiring journey of Sister Mary of Saint Peter and her dedication to the Golden Arrow prayer, revealed by Christ. Learn about her reparation for sins against God and devotion to the Holy Face.

Prayer Of The Golden Arrow

The Golden Arrow narrates the life and work of Sister Mary of Saint Peter, centering around her reparation for sins against God and the devotion to the Holy Face, revealed to her by Christ Himself. The following excerpt follows Christ’s revelation of the Golden Arrow prayer to Sister Mary.

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Discover the profound truth about Christ's presence in our lives as pilgrims and exiles. Explore how He is with us now, yet fully revealed only after this earthly journey.

Christ Is With Us Always

Christ is indeed present to us now, but in a manner which is congruent with our current state of existence as pilgrims and exiles. For it is only after this earthly life has ended that we shall see Him fully, as He really is. Christ is always present to us, but not always in the same way.

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Celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday with us and experience Jesus' mercy towards all souls, especially poor sinners. Renew your baptismal graces through confession and Holy Communion.

A Feast Of Great Power

The Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday is a “refuge and shelter for all souls”, especially poor sinners. On this day, Jesus extends His mercy toward all. Our Lord Himself promises that the soul who goes to confession and receives Holy Communion in a state of grace will receive the total renewal of their baptismal graces.

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Delve into the extraordinary visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, as she unveils the intricate details of Christ's Passion and Death in "The Dolorous Passion." Experience the profound devotion of Veronica and witness the miracle of Christ's Holy Face on her veil.

The Interior Suffering of Jesus Christ

Delve into the profound sufferings of Jesus Christ in “The Road to Calvary” through Saint Alphonsus Liguori’s meditations. Discover the cause of His immeasurable pain and experience the power of soul-stirring reflections.

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