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Uncover the path to spiritual growth and enlightenment through A Treatise on Perfection. Cardinal Arman Jean du Plessis imparts valuable wisdom for a more fulfilling soulful journey.

Five Saintly Counsels

These five spiritual counsels from A Treatise on Perfection contain wisdom to help the soul along the road to holiness. Written by Cardinal Arman Jean du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu, a saintly man himself, readers will find in these counsels profitable for the soul.

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Gain Insight Into The Struggles Against Sin Shared By Young And Not-so-young Individuals. Despite Societal Indoctrination, They Possess A Remarkable Awareness Of Natural Law And Self, Boldly Recognizing And Confronting Sin. Explore Their Revealing Narratives On Our Website.

Battle Ready: No Mental Prayer, No Holiness

When young people tell me about their struggles against sin (and quite a few not so young), the manner in which they recount their difficulties is quite revealing.  First of all, they know what is a sin, and that’s helpful. In spite of the perverse indoctrination they receive from all sides (academia, entertainment, big tech, our present regime, etc.), they still have enough awareness of natural law and self to know to call sin out for what it is. That’s encouraging.

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