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Discover the story of the patron saint of a happy death on our website. Learn why this saint was called unfortunate to die and how they left behind their home, labor, and love. Find out about the assurances and confidences exchanged before departing.

Meditation On The Obedient Death Of St. Joseph

The patron saint of a happy death is what the Church calls you. Why? On some level, could it not be said that you were the most unfortunate to die? Would you not have desired above all things to live? We die with a hope of being with the Lord and with His mother. In death, you were leaving them both. You were leaving your home. Leaving your labor. Leaving your love. Assurances there must have been. Confidences were exchanged to be sure. You would obey, as you had always done. But how can the heart settle when it knows that those you love the most would be without your aid. Time and again you provided, and now you could do so no longer. This was not your work to do. But what about her?

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The Imitation of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is an antidote to the self-referential age of failed fatherhood. Abuses do not negate the truth. Those who have not provided, not protected, and failed to bestow are not the examples we look to for imitation. But imitate we must. We do not enter life creating our own language, designing our own clothing,

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