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Discover the spiritual battle for souls in the Manual for Spiritual Warfare. Paul Thigpen reveals the rules, comrades, and victory through Jesus Christ. Join the fight now!

Cultivating Compassion

Saint Albert the great articulates that genuine compassion transcends mere sympathy, extending to all beings in need, regardless of differences or distances. He underscores its dual purpose: to alleviate suffering and to foster a deeper connection with the Divine. And identifies unmistakable signs of compassion, manifested in acts of selfless service and heartfelt empathy. Aspiring to instill this essential virtue in our spiritual journey, Albert offers a fervent prayer, entreating divine guidance in nurturing the boundless compassion within our souls.

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Unveil the secret to genuine confidence through unshakeable faith in God on our website. Delve into the Scriptures to find reassurance in His unwavering presence and support.

Confidence In God’s Providence

True and perfect confidence consists in that tranquil security of mind that arises from the conviction that God never abandons those who love Him. This type of holy confidence is reflected in the words of Scripture: “No one hoping in the Lord has ever been confounded. And has there ever been anyone who followed His precepts, and was abandoned?”

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Am I Poor in Spirit?

To embrace the spirit of evangelic poverty perfectly means to be ready to leave all things freely for the sake of God and to seek

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The Virtue of Simplicity

True and perfect simplicity consists in not bearing any negative thoughts or ill-will towards any person what­soever, and not causing harm to anyone. It is

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Explore the essence of true disdain for worldly matters on our website. Learn how to detach yourself from material possessions, social prestige, and secular customs in pursuit of eternal beatitude. Saint John's wisdom awaits.

Disdain For Worldly Things

True disdain for worldly matters is to be ready to renounce all material possessions, social prestige and rank, and ecclesiastical distinctions for the sake of God. It means being able to withdraw oneself from all fleshly attachments and all secular customs for the sake of the hope of eternal beatitude. Saint John exhorts us to this detachment in his epistle, saying, “Do not love this passing world, nor anything in this world.”

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