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Uncover the immense joy that comes with a righteous conscience and embrace the blessed hope that fosters patience in times of tribulation. Delve into this website, a haven for the children of God, providing refuge and powerful remedies for life's hardships.

The Confidence Of The Just

THE joy of a good conscience is always accompanied by that blessed hope of which the Apostle speaks when he tells us to rejoice in hope and to be patient in tribulation (Cf. Rom. 12:12). This is the rich inheritance of the children of God, their general refuge in tribulation, and their most efficacious remedy against all the miseries of life.

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Embrace courage as the spiritual hammer to forge your soul in pursuit of virtue. Explore the challenges of prayer, fasting, humility, and other virtues, overcoming obstacles from self-love, the world, and the devil along the way.

The Greatness Of Courage

As the blacksmith requires a hammer to beat the hard iron and shape it according to his will, so do we need cour­age, the spiritual hammer, with which we overcome the difficulties in the road to virtue and fashion our souls after our divine Model. Without this quality we can no more pur­sue virtue than a blacksmith can work without his hammer. For what virtue is there that can be acquired without effort? Consider them one after another: prayer, fasting, temperance, obedience, poverty of spirit, chastity, humility—and you will find that all present some difficulty springing from self-love, the world, or the devil.

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Remedies Against Gluttony

Gluttony is an inordinate love of eating and drinking.  Our Savior warns us against this vice, saying, “Take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be

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Discover the profound connection between the liberty of God's children and the inner peace and tranquility experienced by the just on our website.

The Peace Enjoyed By The Just

The liberty of the children of God is the cause of another privilege of virtue, no less precious than itself – the interior peace and tranquility which the just enjoy. 

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual journey outlined by Ven. Louis of Granada in "The Sinner’s Guide." Gain valuable insights and guidance on overcoming sin and embracing redemption.

Deferring Conversion Until Death

The excerpt below is taken from the 16th-century TAN classic known as The Sinner’s Guide.   The author of this work is the Spanish Dominican theologian, preacher, and spiritual writer by the name of Ven. Louis of Granada (1504-1588).

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