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Discover the profound connection between the liberty of God's children and the inner peace and tranquility experienced by the just on our website.

The Peace Enjoyed By The Just

The liberty of the children of God is the cause of another privilege of virtue, no less precious than itself – the interior peace and tranquility which the just enjoy. 

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Discover the essence of a Monk's life, resembling a perpetual Lent. Embrace purity and cleanse past negligence during this sacred season. Join us now.

St. Benedict On The Observance Of Lent

A Monk’s life should at all times resemble a continual Lent, but few have such virtue.

Thus, we encourage everyone during Lent to live in all purity, and during this holy season to wash away all the negligences of other times.

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Awareness of Angels

Can’t you see them? You, Dear Parent, can’t you see the angelic and demonic all around? And why not? You see germs on a public

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The Christian’s Aim

“I show you a more excellent way.” -1 Corinthians 12:31 It will conduce much to our spiritual advancement that we propose to ourselves as objects

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