John E. Beahn

John Edward Beahn (1910-1990) was an American author from Philadelphia.  During World War II he served in the United States Army.  Later in life he became a business executive who wrote popular biographical novels of the saints.


St. Patrick’s Discouragement Amidst His Labors

THROUGH four years, from 427 to 431, Patrick labored to learn what others absorbed without effort. His age impeded the acquisition of knowledge, he knew, but he saw also a more serious defect: “It was my sins that prevented me from fixing in my mind what once I would have learned merely by reading.” His…


A Man Cleansed by God: A Novel Based on the Life of St. Patrick

From the Epilogue… With few words, Bishop Patrick dismissed his work in Ireland.  “It would be tedious,” he wrote, “to give a detailed account of all my labors or even a part of them.” His labors did not interest him; the labors were not his labors, and the achievements were not his achievements.  “Who was…