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Uncover The Spiritual Insights Of Saint Louis De Montfort, A Prominent Marian Writer, In This Excerpt From The Secret Of The Rosary. Learn How To Enrich Your Prayer Experience And Access The Abundant Graces Of The Rosary.

The Glories And Graces Of The Rosary

One of the greatest Marian writers in history, Saint Louis de Montfort is a name that every Catholic should recognize and keep on their bookshelves. In this excerpt from The Secret of the Rosary, Louis de Montfort illuminates the unfathomable graces available to us through the rosary and offers priceless instruction on perfecting our devotion during prayer. 

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Unveil the treasures of Mary's terrestrial paradise, where Jesus Christ, the New Adam, found complacence for nine months. Delve into the richness, beauty, and rarities that make this holy place a true marvel.

The Blessed Virgin, the Eastern Gate

We must do our actions in Mary. Thoroughly to understand this practice, we must first know that our Blessed Lady is the true terrestrial paradise of the New Adam, and that the ancient paradise was but a figure of her. There are, then, in this earthly paradise, riches, beauties, rarities and inexplicable sweetnesses,

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