St. Ildephonsus of Toledo

Saint Ildephonsus of Toledo (607–670) was a monk at the monastery of Agali, where he later served as abbot. He became archbishop in 659. According to St. Julian, Ildephonsus was “rich with the fear of God, devout in religion, profuse in compunction, grave in carriage, praiseworthy in honesty, singular in patience, silent in guarding secrets, and of the highest wisdom. He was brilliant in his ingenuity of speech, and fluent in his eloquence.”


On Why a Crown is Fitting for Our Lady

In the longing of my soul, in the joy of the Holy Spirit, in the most genuine love, and in the Word of Truth, I wish to extol you, to praise you, and to bless you, O Virgin Mary! For you are more radiant than the Sun; in appearance, you are more beautiful; in faith…