Pope St. Gregory the Great

Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-604) served as the supreme pontiff from 590 to his death. He was a Benedictine Monk before becoming the Bishop of Rome. Gregorian chant is named after him, likely due to his influence. He is renowned for his reform of the liturgy, assisting the poor, and guiding the Church during the attacks from the Lombards.


The Life of St. Benedict: Conquering the Flesh and the Devil

How He Overcame a Temptation of the Flesh The holy man, being on a certain day alone, the tempter was at hand; for a little black bird, commonly called thrush, began to fly about his face, and that so near that the holy man, if he would, might have taken it with his hand; but…


Heartfelt Prayer: The Miracle of St. Scholastica

I must tell you a passage concerning the venerable Father Benedict, that there was something he desired and was not able to accomplish. His sister Scholastica, who was consecrated to God from her very childhood, used to come once a year to see him; unto whom the man of God was wont to go to…